Our story.

Soma has been a labour of love for friends and collaborators Becs and Sanne, since its humble beginnings in 2021.  Becs, a kiwi girl, is an Ayurvedic Health Coach and yoga teacher, with a passion for all things wellness. Sanne, of German origin, is a Graphic Designer, with a love for sustainable packaging. Both are based in Gisborne, New Zealand.

Our purpose.

The purpose of Soma is to create carefully selected natural wellbeing products to nourish and delight your senses while at the same time minimising packaging and waste with the planet in mind.

“We were always discussing ways we could combine both our skills to better support people on their wellbeing journey, by making healthy, sustainable choices easier.” says Becs.

Soma is a range of environmentally friendly Ayurvedic wellness products the two have co-created to closely reflect their values – what they live and breathe every day.

All of our products are thoughtfully designed using natural and organic ingredients and sustainable packaging wherever possible.